Energizing programs

The approach of our energizing programs is based on the method ECOintention. This is an innovative way of change management that brings teams and organizations, buildings and locations, projects, agricultural and horticultural companies, nature reserves and events, as well as people, into healthy energy and good flow. The method helps to achieve goals and solve problems, even if they are persistent.

Our energizing programs improve energetic housekeeping anywhere. Stagnant or old, blocking energy is harmonized and stress disappears. You are better able to identify your goals and will notice that coincidence tends to serve you better. Solutions are more likely to "present themselves". Healthy, vital energy is an important precondition for success, effectiveness, health and pleasure. You can benefit from an energizing program for years.

An energizing program consists of four phases and takes about 12 months in total. The different phases:

  1. Formulating your goals.
  2. Initial scan that provides a clear and quantified overview of strengths and weaknesses of the project, organization, location or person.
  3. Processing the energy until the energetic target values are achieved (approximately 8 months).
  4. Stabilizing the optimized energy (approx. 4 months).

What does this require from you, as our client? You formulate the goals you would like to achieve. You discuss the initial scan with us. During the energizing program we will send you the most up-to-date energetic analyses, and we will hold a progress interview with you every 6 to 8 weeks. Here we show, with the aid of insightful graphs, the energetic development and link it to the developments in daily practice. We teach you to focus your intention on your self-chosen goals, to direct the energy, and thereby support the energetic development. We can take you through the basics of energy management. If you wish, you can also get more extensive coaching and support. See for this under our coaching.

The rest of the work is up to us. We visit your site every 6 to 8 weeks to check the quality of the energy. We don't have to work with your employees or visitors, crops or animals. Much of the work we carry out remotely. You can see the concrete results of this in daily practice.

The method ECOintention was developed by Center for ECOintention. In recent decades, hundreds of projects have been successfully completed in the Netherlands and abroad by using this method.

  • In nature at the ‘Dienst Landelijk Gebied Utrecht’, the city and avenue trees of Noordwijkerhout, various estates and nature reserves;
  • In business at business services agencies, ICT companies, transport companies, shops, network organizations;
  • In the agricultural sector at cooperatives, agricultural companies, beekeepers;
  • In education at school communities;
  • In project organizations at festivals and events.