Energizing Agriculture & Nature

"Green" is directly connected to our work. This is because our energizing programs always run organically. With respect for what is nature and what is natural.

We support natural vigor, also when it comes to sensitive nature areas or agricultural businesses, with their high value, both in a material and emotional sense.

With our energizing programs according to the method ECOintention, you improve the energy of your farm, your stables or greenhouses and your land, but also of the nature reserve that you are responsible for. Cattle and other animals become healthier, seeds thrive better, forest is flourishing and biodiversity is increasing. The water becomes cleaner and richer and the yield improves, whether it is the honey from your bees, the fruit in your orchards, or the milk from your cows. The costs for soil improvement, the use of pesticides or the invocation of a veterinarian are decreasing considerably. There is more relaxation in the sometimes complicated interface between commercial agriculture and the interests of nature managing. In recent decades, dozens of farms and nature reserves have been demonstrably helped through the ECOintention energy balancing method. As a result, the nature value and biodiversity in these areas have increased, as have visitor numbers.

All this improves your business operations. Financial resources now appear to be sufficient. There will be a better view on the goals you wish to achieve. And ultimately your own peace and health - and that of your employees - will benefit.